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[2022-01-24 00:05:46] [email protected]: So much in this #StarTrekPicard trailer is really exciting.Q seems to have really developed as a character over the years. He was basically a puckish teenager, not very unlike Trelane, when he started on Next Generation. He was a better evolved character in Voyager, in my opinion, and based on the bit we see here, I think he’s continued to evolve as a person.Setting it in 2024 is an interesting choice given #StarTrek history of that time. Class struggles were pretty common, given the Bell Riots in California and the Irish Reunification. It will be a missed opportunity if there isn’t some aspect of these class struggles in the storyline.And, of course, reuniting with Guinan was fantastic.I see a bit of harkening back to TNG storylines, such as Yesterday’s Enterprise and Tapestry, but I’m pretty excited to see how this plays [email protected] Watch “Star Trek: Picard | Season 2 Official Trailer | Paramount+” on YouTube

[2022-01-23 03:36:30] [email protected]: I love all the new #StarTrek series. Next Generation will always be my favorite, but these new ones have found a place in my heart as well.It’s so exciting to be in a time with so much new Star Trek content.Here are all the premiere dates for the Star Trek universe[email protected]

[2022-01-21 02:13:16] [email protected]: Moving today is really slowing down my schedule.There’s been a new #StarTrek episode for ten hours now, and I still haven’t seen it. #FOMO #StarTrekProdigy @StarTrek

[2022-01-20 08:14:45] [email protected]: Qapla’!Finally, Libre Office adds Klingon language support | PC Gamer #StarTrek @StarTrek

[2021-12-27 06:21:26] [email protected]: @[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected] when some friends and I cast muppets for TOS we ended up with Miss Piggy as Kirk and Kermit as Spock

[2021-12-27 06:20:30] [email protected]: @alexandra @PalmeDork Kermit is Kirk. Miss Piggy is Nurse Chapel. Fozzie is Bones. Gonzo is Data. Animal is Worf. Rolf is Sisko. Rizzo is Quark. Sam Eagle is Picard. #StarTrek @StarTrek

[2021-12-17 05:34:24] [email protected]: Another benefit of working from home.Got a boring meeting that I’m required to attend, but I don’t actually need to pay attention to? Join the meeting in Zoom in one window, and then open the latest Star Trek episode in another window.Make sure the window with the show playing is close to my camera, so it looks like I’m paying attention. Occasionally nodding and stroking my beard thoughtfully also adds to that effect. #WorkFromHome #WFH #StarTrek @StarTrek

[2021-12-13 06:48:12] [email protected]: If Star Trek is to be believed, we’ve got some really turbulent times in the next few years.In 2024 specifically, in the US, we’re going to see California erupt into The Bell Riots: a class struggle resulting from government housing for the unemployed become effectively forced imprisonment for the poor.That same year, the British Isles will be in upheaval when the IRA’s terrorist efforts are successful, resulting in The Irish Reunification of 2024. Dissatisfaction with Brexit in Northern Ireland could certainly push that along.I wonder what other political upheavals we’ll see leading up to that time? #StarTrek #FutureHistory @StarTrek

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