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[2022-06-26 20:44:22] [email protected]: #APessimist'sRambleAOC's right in her recent Instagram post - avoiding obstacles plus controversies is still a form of engagement with the society, with the world around us; so, why not become involved and change what needs to be changed?But for once, let's be crystal clear. Not everybody is so altruistic and saintlike. As a person overwhelmingly lacking vitality and optimism, my ultimate wish is a painless demise. When the day comes that euthanasia is not only offered to terminally ill people, I will demand euthanasia, sensing no regrets in my mind or heart. Yes, yes: to think and study is to thrive, but that's nothing but a pathetic female's reluctant alternative - euthanasia is not left as an option for me, as a relatively healthy and 100% ordinary individual. Should death find me by himself and eradicate me from this world of chaos subtly in silence, I shall celebrate the world's glory, for the first and only time. @selfexposure

[2022-06-26 08:11:48] [email protected]: 早起是我一生的痛……@selfexposure

[2022-06-25 22:36:21] [email protected]: @selfexposure试试看

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