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[2023-03-14 21:57:44] [email protected]: At night ....@academicchatter @academicworld @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academia_carnet

[2023-03-13 21:38:08] [email protected]: Working in the lab@academicchatter @academicworld @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academia_carnet

[2023-03-13 00:09:35] [email protected]: Acknowledgement@academiamemes @academicchatter @academicworld @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academia_carnet

[2023-03-07 06:17:50] [email protected]: Gene manipulation@academicchatter @academicworld @academicalnerd @academia_carnet @academicsunite

[2023-03-03 21:34:45] [email protected]: Rearranging the DNA@academicchatter @academicworld @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academia_carnet

[2023-03-02 22:18:16] [email protected]: @academicchatter @academicworld @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academia_carnet

[2023-03-02 07:29:13] [email protected]: @academicchatter @academicworld @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academia_carnet #pets #petsofmastodon #petstodon

[2023-02-27 23:09:23] [email protected]: @academicchatter @academicworld @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academia_carnet

[2023-02-26 04:30:35] [email protected]: @endoftheworld @academicchatter @academicworld @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academia_carnet I'm in

[2023-02-26 03:41:13] [email protected]: @Xna_NaJu @academicchatter @academicworld @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academia_carnet One way go guarantee entrance to Valhalla is to die in glorious battle with weapon in hand.

[2023-02-25 23:55:47] [email protected]: @academicchatter @academicworld @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academia_carnet

[2023-02-24 21:23:39] [email protected]: @academicchatter @academicworld @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academia_carnet

[2023-02-24 03:12:12] [email protected]: @academicchatter @academicworld @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academia_carnet

[2023-02-23 08:48:27] [email protected]: @academicchatter @academicworld @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academia_carnet

[2023-02-22 06:02:26] [email protected]: @academicchatter @academicworld @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academia_carnet

[2023-02-20 21:23:42] [email protected]: @academicchatter @academicworld @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academia_carnet

[2023-02-19 01:06:30] [email protected]: @hasmis @academicchatter @academicworld @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academia_carnet And with a long introduction :blobcatnotlike:

[2023-02-19 00:27:14] [email protected]: @Xna_NaJu @academicchatter @academicworld @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academia_carnet Two questions! -- I hate that!

[2023-02-18 23:19:04] [email protected]: @zabbeer @academicchatter @academicworld @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academia_carnet :ablobcool:

[2023-02-18 23:06:04] [email protected]: @Xna_NaJu @academicchatter @academicworld @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academia_carnet I feel this in my bones

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