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[2023-01-28 03:14:37] [email protected]: @Xna_NaJu @academicchatter @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academicworld "spartan" = showing indifference to comfort or luxury

[2023-01-28 02:54:33] [email protected]: @academicchatter @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academicworld

[2023-01-28 02:53:42] [email protected]: @academicchatter @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academicworld

[2023-01-27 08:26:35] [email protected]: @ProfCDTaylor @academicchatter @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academicworld Indded

[2023-01-27 08:24:12] [email protected] @Xna_NaJu @academicchatter @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academicworld Reviewer 2

[2023-01-27 04:30:27] [email protected]: @academicchatter @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academicworld

[2023-01-26 05:32:17] [email protected]: @academicchatter @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academicworld

[2023-01-26 05:31:31] [email protected]: @academicchatter @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academicworld

[2023-01-25 06:21:23] [email protected]: @academicchatter @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academicworld @TheStrugglingScientists

[2023-01-24 09:06:43] [email protected]: @academicchatter @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academicworld

[2023-01-24 09:05:44] [email protected]: @academicchatter @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academicworld

[2023-01-20 22:34:36] [email protected]: @academicchatter @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academicworld

[2023-01-20 21:40:36] [email protected]: @academicchatter @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academicworld

[2023-01-19 22:21:34] [email protected]: @Xna_NaJu @academicchatter @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academicworld Yes, we should strive to be totally ridiculous...

[2023-01-19 22:14:22] [email protected]: @hasmis @academicchatter @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academicworld Yeah, homan(R) are a weir species. Maybe we should care more for the science than for the prestige. I always read that academia is stressing but I think is enjoyable.

[2023-01-19 21:51:31] [email protected]: @Xna_NaJu @academicchatter @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academicworld All typos are a copyright thing.

[2023-01-19 21:50:38] [email protected]: @Xna_NaJu @academicchatter @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academicworld It's one of those 'homan chaos' things.

[2023-01-19 21:46:23] [email protected]: @hasmis @academicchatter @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academicworld What will cause that shift?

[2023-01-19 21:36:27] [email protected]: @Xna_NaJu @academicchatter @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academicworld We'll go down that road for a while, then there will be a shift. Right now, all funding is by 'challenged' people who do not want any disruption to their power structure. If a funded study doesn't come to the conclusions they want, then they narrow the scope.

[2023-01-19 20:57:30] [email protected]: "CD index—that characterizes the consolidating or disruptive nature of science and technology"[email protected] @academicalnerd @academicsunite @academicworld

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